Flock Neighborhood Security

This is a neighborhood security camera from Flock Safety that records all license plates coming and going out of a neighborhood. (They hold the images on Amazon Web Servers for 30 days.) I would like to see "no tracking" on all residents instead of it being an opt-out situation as it is now. They have a...

Free real estate CRM built into Gmail

It scans your inbox for transactions and organizes them for you in Gmail. It even makes a timeline for you in a website that you can share with your client. How cool is that?! Smart folders: When you create a smart folder, Folio will automatically find and group emails associated with that transaction. Organize...

Automatic Mileage for Realtors

Automatic Mileage for Realtors - Make Your Car Computer Work for You The Automatic adapter plugs into the standard diagnostics port hidden under the dash in most cars since 1996. Send your car's mileage info automatically to Expensify or use IFTTT to log miles directly into google spreadsheets. Get 20% off using the link below! Get it Here

Present Anything with Anyone

My new goto presentation platform. With Swipe, ANYTHING can be a slide and you can present it live to anyone, anywhere, on any device. Share a link with anyone and swipe from any device. When you change the slide, everyone sees it change too. https://www.swipe.to/

MailTrack Email Tracking

  MailTrack The best email tracking solution I've found. Free.   Install the Mailtrack Chrome Extension And within seconds you will have the green ✓✓ on your Gmail once someone has read your email! TIP: It adds "Sent by Mailtrack" in your signature so if you want to take the signature off by default, you must go to https://mailtrack.io/es/dashboard/settings/edit and...