I like to track who opens my emails – there are a lot of paid versions out there but I focused on a couple that were free for unlimited use and for Gmail users.  I also added a useful paid one and another I personally use to BLOCK email tracking.



Free for Gmail for unlimited email tracking but will add a MailTag hyperlink in the emails you use it on. You can remove it for $3.99/month.



Free for Gmail unlimited email tracking and adds reminders if the email hasn’t been opened and also send later options. (Like Boomerang another free addon without the email tracking.)   BONUS: no advertisement in the emails you track! This one is my current favorite.



This one will cost $9/month but is the mac daddy of email tools from tracking, scheduling meetings, templates, send later, reminders, etc. You can also have CRM integrations and mail merge if you upgrade to $24/month.


Ugly Email

Block Trackers from your own email – free. I use this one too!

LOL I can track you, but you can’t track me…