15 Things The Internet and Technology Killed Off

(And Real Estate is Not One of Them!)

Ah, the Internet. Over the years, the Internet and technology has brought many great benefits into our lives. Today, we no longer need to step out of our houses every morning to fetch the daily paper. We no longer need to visit the bank to find out how much money we have. We don’t even need to remember trivial information like phone numbers or how to spell properly. Technology does it all for us.Here’s a list of 15 things and practices that no longer exists, or could be on the brink of extinction, thanks to the glory of the Internet.What would you add to this list?

1. Public phones



Image credit: AcidFlask/flickr

2. CDs and cassettes



Image credit: Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos/flickr

3. The Rolodex



Image credit: TOKY Branding and Design/flickr

4. Encyclopedias



Image credit: jev55/flickr

5. Classified ads in newspapers



Image credit: engineroomblog/flickr

6. Disposable cameras



Image credit: Kai Schreiber/flickr

7. Yard sales



Image credit: Bradley Stemke/flickr

8. Lining up to pay bills



Image credit: Tamal Das/flickr

9. Planning road trips on paper maps



Image credit: Rui Pereira/flickr

10. Physical copies of the Yellow Pages



Image credit: Francis Mariani/flickr

11. Answering machines



Image credit: Scott Diedrick/flickr

12. Faxes



Image credit: Nathan Rein/flickr

13. Teletext



Image credit: Clive Darra/flickr

14. Buying or reading newspapers



Image credit: Jon S/flickr

15. PDAs



Image credit: Andy Melton/flickr